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Crafting Harmony: Vastu Tips for Your BHK’s House Plan

Posted by Warren Martin on January 9, 2024
Crafting Harmony: Vastu Tips for Your BHK’s House Plan

Crafting Harmony: Vastu Tips for Your BHK’s House Plan


Embark on the journey to design your dream BHK’s home. This guide explores simple and comprehensive Vastu tips tailored for a BHK house plan, providing you with a roadmap to design a home that reflects your style and fosters harmony and prosperity.

Understanding Vastu Principles

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science, offers time-honored principles for creating living spaces that promote balance and overall well-being. Aligning your house plan with these principles taps into the positive energies that surround us.

Professional Vastu Tips for Your BHK’s House Plan

Entrance and Living Room:
The entrance is the gateway for energy to enter your home. For a positive influence, position the entrance in the north or east direction to harness the beneficial solar influences. Place the living room in the east, facing east or north-east, for a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere.
Bedrooms and Children’s Room:
When planning the layout of bedrooms, consider placing the master bedroom in the south, west, or east direction for enhanced tranquility. Opt for a well-ventilated children’s room with windows on the north or east wall to create a conducive environment for learning and growth.
Kitchen and Bathrooms:
The kitchen, often considered the heart of the home, holds significant importance in Vastu. To align with Vastu principles, situate the kitchen in the west or south-west direction, with the cook facing east while preparing meals. Furthermore, for bathrooms and toilets, position them in the west-south direction to maintain harmonious energy flow within the house.
Pooja Room and Central Space:
Integrating a pooja room in your BHK’s house plan is a sacred practice in Vastu. Ideally, the pooja room should be located in the north-east, east, or west side of the house to enhance spiritual vibrations. Create a central space that allows for the free movement of energy, promoting a harmonious and balanced atmosphere.
Clutter-Free Spaces:
Vastu emphasizes the importance of a clutter-free environment. Keep your home organized and decluttered to allow the smooth flow of positive energy. Avoid placing furniture in the center of rooms to ensure an obstacle-free path for energy movement.
Colors and Décor:
Choose colors wisely based on Vastu principles. Opt for soothing and balanced hues in different rooms. Incorporate natural elements like plants and artwork to enhance positive vibrations within your living space.
Windows and Ventilation:
Ensure proper ventilation by strategically placing windows in the north and east directions. Allow natural light to enter your home, promoting a cheerful and lively ambiance.
Mirrors Placement:
Place mirrors on the north or east walls to amplify the positive energy in the house. Avoid placing mirrors directly opposite the bed in bedrooms.
Numerology and Vastu:
Consider incorporating numerology into your BHK’s house plan, aligning the layout and design with favorable numbers for enhanced positive energy.
Landscaping and Outdoor Spaces:
Extend Vastu principles to your outdoor spaces. Maintain a well-manicured garden in the north-east direction to attract positive energies. Design outdoor seating areas for relaxation and rejuvenation.
Vastu for Furniture Placement:
Arrange furniture in a manner that promotes a free flow of energy. Avoid placing heavy furniture in the center of rooms and ensure that there is ample space for energy to circulate.
Vastu for Home Office:
If you have a home office, position it in the north or east direction for increased productivity. Ensure that your work desk is placed in a way that allows you to face east or north while working.
Vastu for Balconies and Terraces:
Design balconies and terraces in the north or east direction to maximize exposure to positive energies. Use these spaces for relaxation and enjoyment.


Crafting an ideal ‘BHK’s’ house plan involves more than just architectural considerations; it’s about creating a living space that resonates with positive energy. By following these comprehensive yet simple Vastu tips, you can craft a home that not only meets your aesthetic preferences but also nurtures a harmonious and prosperous living environment. Embrace the ancient wisdom of Vastu Shastra, and let positive vibrations flow through every corner of your abode, making it truly your haven of peace and abundance.

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