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Posted by Warren Martin on April 25, 2024
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One Plot One Registration


The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MAHARERA) , introduced the “One plot, One Registration” mandate to enhance the transparency and integrity of real estate registration in Maharashtra.This is an accordance with Section 3 of the Real Estate Act, 2016 This Directive, effective from January 10, 2024, requires promoters to secure a single registration number of each standalone project, addressing previous practices where multiple registrations might be secured for different components of the same projects. This change aims to prevent duplications and enhance the regulatory oversight of real estate developments.

Under the “One plot, One Registration” mandate, promoters must submit a detailed declaration-cum-undertaking confirming that the project site, or any part of it, does not already have a MAHARERA registration and that there are no pending applications for the same. This document must include comprehensive details about the project, such as city survey number, cadastral survey number, and other specific identifiers to ensure that all aspects of the project’s location and characteristics are transparently registered.

For larger projects spanning extensive plots, the regulation allows for some flexibility. Promoters can opt to obtain a separate registration number for different phases of the project, provided they adhere to strict guidelines and formalities, including obtaining legal consent from allottees for any changes to the project’s reservations as initially declared.

The MAHARERA website provides guidance for homebuyers, promoters, and real estate agents, including information on project progress, complaint registration, orders and judgments, agent registration, and corrections. The website also provides updates on registered projects and agents, complaints registered and resolved, and orders and circulars issued by MAHARERA.

MAHARERA has implemented strict regulations to ensure transparency and accountability in the real estate sector. Developers are required to register with MAHARERA and obtain a registration number before selling plots, flats, or buildings. Each MAHARERA project is required to have only one registration number, and having two project MAHARERA registration numbers for one project is a violation under the RERA Act and invites a strict penalty. MAHARERA’s website provides guidance and resources for homebuyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the difference between plot and flat ?

A plot refers to a piece of land designated for construction or development, typically used to build a house, commercial building, or other structures. It represents a physical area where you can construct something according to local regulations and your plans. A flat, on the other hand, is a unit within a multi-story building, also known as an apartment. It is a complete living space with rooms, facilities, and shared common areas, but it does not include ownership of the land on which the building is constructed.

2. Which is a better plot or flat?

The appreciation rate or the return on the investment on plots is generally higher than apartments.

3. What Is MAHARERA?

Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory (MAHARERA) is a regulatory body set up under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, to regulate and promote the real estate sector in Maharashtra.

4. What is the concept of “One Plot One Registrations” ?

The Concept of “One Plot One Registration” means that every plot or land parcel should have only one registration number under MAHARERA. Having two project MAHARERA project registrations numbers for one project is violation under the Rera act and invites strict penalty.

5. What is the purpose of MAHARERA’s rules and regulations?

MAHARERA’s rules and regulations provide guidance and procedures for the general functioning of the Authority, the conduct of business of the Authority, and the registration of real estate projects and agents. They also establish procedures for adjudication, hearings, and orders of the Authority.

6. What should I check before buying a plot of land?

Before purchasing a plot, verify the land title to ensure it’s clear and free from disputes. Check zoning laws and land use regulations to know what the land can be used for it’s also important to inspect the physical boundaries of the property, across roads, and availability of utilities such as water, electricity, and sewage.

7. How do I ensure the plot is legally clear for purchase?

To ensure clarity, obtain an Encumbrance Certificate which indicates if the land has any legal dues. Also, check the land records for any liens or encroachments. It’s recommended to have a lawyer review all documents, including the title deed, to confirm the seller’s right to sell the land.

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